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Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen Review


Location: Grandview Mall, Guangzhou, China   Date: July 10th, 2009

I’ve never seen the first Movie and after seen this I dont want to either now. As Ive mentioned many times on this blog i was a kid in the 1980’s and Transformer toys and cartoons where the rage for boys of my age group, the old robots in disguise so curiousity as well my girlfriend wanted to see it, so why not.

The story is simple the decepticons return to earth to capture Sam Witwicky (La Beouf) prisoner as he has an shrapnel of importance and conn ected to the origins of the transformers. Sam is off to University  and discovers the shrapnel and it all goes downhill, and optimus prime and his ‘bots get involved in one big battle, blah, blah, blah.

Michael Bay was the director again or was it a 13/14 year old boy because that seems to be his mentality when he made this and if this film, well when the toys came out in the 1980’s boys between 7 and 13 years where into them big style (I was), so you could say that was his target audience. If that was the case this was a young boys dream movie.

This movie was very dull, boring and had more cheese in it than a slice of toast and cheese you would have with your late night cup of tea or coffee. There was plenty of big robots fighting to keep the fanboys happy, but why have the slow matrix style movements for animations? The script was terrible I think Michael bay’s dog must have eat half  of it as you would be introduced to something and then never see it again, like the massive decipticon’s spaceship in Earth’s Orbit? where did you hide it Michael and why had no one detected it either???

As for the acting, Shia Labeuof, ive seen better acting at a scchool production and for Megan Fox, she cant act and brainbox will know she is just there to add a little bit of sex appeal, when the kids are drooling over optimus prime and co she’s there for the dad’s drooling. She reminds of Kim Basinger in the 1980’s, she was a sexy woman but if it wasnt a erotic movie, she was always the sceaming woman in distress not really a good actress.Soon as the current decade appeared she matured into a better actress maybe Miss Fox will be like this, well at least the female decipticon sent to The Only sort of creditable acting was from  John Turturro as the ex paranoid agent simmons with his Noo Yawk Italian American accent and crazy and sometime humurous way of thinking.

The only part I can say was decent was the fight scene with Optimus Prime and the decipticons was very good but the rest there was too much fighting or cat and mouse chasing not enough story, I know your screaming at me its a action movie! yes I know butif your going to an arsebreaker movie of nearly 3 hours it would be nice to have some sort of story going in between the action instead of fallen asleep with boredom.

I watched this in China (it was in english with cantonese subtitles) and asian fanboys love there robots or meccha simply due to the Japanese manga/anime popularity so this went down well as would it for anyone who is under 17 or simply just wants a few hours of cheesy fun. If you are a action fan but want some storyline behind the action you wont get it here, this is dreadful stuff

Mr Bay buy yourself a big writing pad or get yourself a laptop and write your script properly and of your age not your brain age.

Rating: 2/5



2 thoughts on “Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen Review

  1. I never liked Transformers when I was a kid, they where the cartoon that came along just when I was getting too old for morning cartoons, and I somehow resented them. Anyway the first movie was good, but cheesy, the second was cheesy and crap. I loved the CGI but that was about it. Megan Fox is just an undiscovered porn star for me. Someone from Sleezywood should take her back to their trailer park…

  2. I wasnt a big fan of transformers either and I watched the above movie in china, but i agree megan fox is an wannabe porn star and I could rename a few of her movies into porn names but the blog would be closed if i did name them!!!

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