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KitchenerHELLO all. Many thanks so far for those people who have taken time to get involved in the The Peoples movies blog, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I still however would be greatful for regular volunteers to help out and contribute to this blog and soon the blog will be a website.

If you are like me love the cinema, love movies, animation, anything simply to do with the big screen please get in touch and here’s what you can do to get involved;

Reviews – If you go to the cinema/movie theatre in a regular basis, send me a review of that movie. All you have to include is

  • film name
  • Date of review and cinema name.
  • rating out of 5 (1 being poor and 5 been excellent)
  • and your review, all it has to be is a paragrapgh at least.

Articles / Posts – write a movie/cinema related post or article. It could be anything film related, it could about your favourite movie or a childhood experience or you have a grudge against something. Or reply to any posts on the blog. Funny and serious articles

Trailer Hunter – Help me find the latest and best new trailers, help get the plot info, actor list and when the release date is (UK release info if possible).

Promote the Blog – Spread the word of the blog around reccommend any blogs or websites to share links.

International movies – Im now got a big interest in foreign/indie movies, like movies from France, spain, other parts of Europe, South American, China/Hong Kong, Japan. If you have a big knowledge on international movie scene and can contribute with news/stories and new trailers contact me

Basically anything you think I would be interested in be it movie related please get in touch.

My blog is UK releated but getting involved is opened to anyone from around the world, I will be digging in with contributions but it is nice to get a little help now and again.

want to help just drop me a email.


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