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WANTED: A World film regular contributor

The last few years with there’s been numerous hollywood  remakes of some excellent international filmssadly alot of the remakes have been either OK or more poor. But with so many of these international films been poorly remade many people are taking interest in the original version, thus appreciating that there is a fantastic movie world outside of Hollywood.

I am myself very interested in international movies but I am unware and my knowledge is very limited, so I am looking for some voluntary regular contributors who do have a vast knowledge of the international movie scene. what Im looking for is new trailers/posters, articles, news, gossip anything very interesting and itll be posted on this blog.

depending how well things go int may start as a page for all news gossip and trailers sharing with main trailer page and if successful possibly a mini blog of its own. I will do my best to help out as much as I can but this the main stuff will be done by the contributers.

I’m interested particulary the movies from Europe (Spain, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, etc…), Russia, Japan, China/Hong Kong, Korea, South American countries, but if it looks good and will get some release in UK it would be good here.

Please remember The Peoples movie blog is a amatuer/ fan blog that makes no money, I do it purely through love of the big screen, so contributing is purely voluntary. So maybe you want to eventually write more professionally in future use this opportunity to work and gain experience

So you want to help out?

email me at

Also looking for regular contributors to review movies, send in posts, write movie articles,etc… just email me!


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