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Rob Mark Jones has sent in a review of the film Red Cliff and thank you Rob for your review…
Before I went to see it i thought to myself it was going to be another fantasy
film likeCrouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, how wrong could I be. Its on the longer
side and Chinese with English sub titles but it works really well.There are some
amazing fight scenes but it really digs at the culture and the ideals of China
of the time. The plot is really involed for a war film and its all over a girl
– shock horror. Really a must see.




One thought on “RED CLIFF REVIEW

  1. thepeoplesmovies says:

    Thanks Rob for the review appreciated, The actual film when it was released in China was 4.5 hours!!! China are about to or have released no2 of the film this year. Im going Monday to see it cant wait and then in July im going to china for real

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