Cineworld to Show Spartacus on the big screen


This Tuesday at most cineworld cinemas, you will get a chance to see one the greatest movies ever made, the mammoth Roman epic Spartacus staring Kirk Douglas as the lead role. The cast list is mouth watering with Peter Ustinov, Jean Simmons, Laurance Oliver, and was directed by Stanley Kubrick. The film is 49 years old and you may why go see this film? first of all this film was made to be seen on the cinema screen, its been remastered in every department to make it even more breathtaking. Anyone not old enough to say they seen it on the big screen like me will have seen it on tv or dvd, and when you here people say “it was alot better on the big screen” and with Spartacus you’ll be right, most off all they dont make films like this anymore.

The release of Spartacus is part of a celebration of Universal Studios 5 most beloved movies which also includes scarface, animal house the film that inspired the American Pie genre of films, Blues Brothers and one the best and scariest horror movies The Thing (1982) starring Kurt Russell.

So miss a chance to see some classic movies especially these days when not many movies can match these films in classic status. go to Cineworld website for more info and exact film times, I ll hopefully be at Glasgow cineworld on tuesday.



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