Watch The Sexy Short BIONIC By Greg Williams

BIONIC is a futuristic short film set and shot by the photographer and director Greg Williams*, whose short films, photo shoots and commercials with some of the planet’s sexiest women have been viewed by millions on YouTube & Vimeo (Megan Fox, Rosie Huntington, Daisy Low, Rachel Weisz …)

- Best Director at the 2010 Chicago Film Festival for “Sergent Slaughter, my big brother”.
– Best Photo at the 2011 New York Film Festival for “Tell Tale”
– Best Director at the 2011 New York Film Festival for “ Sergeant Slaugther, my big Brother “

Greg Williams has said “After working with Zahia, you realize that you have never met someone like that. She is a sort of nymph from space, and that is what made me want to work with her.”

The film begins in a laboratory, stark an cold. We rapidly discover the “object” of experimentation in her box. During the day the robot woman is attached to machines by a kind of umbilical cord located on the back of her neck. She is surrounded by scientists who put her through numerous scientific tests. At night, while no longer “plugged-in” the creature mysteriously takes on life and begins to explore the place where she has been confined. She dreams of the world outside while she begins to build a mysterious module that will eventually give her freedom. When the moment arrives, she makes her escape in the most unexpected way before disappearing into the streets of London…
A big thanks to Greg for sending this short filmYou can check out Zahia’s own website here

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